For 40 years, Peter has been one of the leading writers about mountaineering in Britain. His articles have appeared throughout the national and specialist press, and he has won a record six awards for his work from the British Outdoor Writers Guild. His biography of George Mallory, The Wildest Dream, co-authored with Leni, won the Boardman Tasker award for mountain writing in 2000. Here are some of his recent articles. (We are working to restore some links that have been shut down by paywalls.)

In 2009, Peter wrote an article for the Independent about his return to climbing Munros.  This was inspired by our grandson, Jake, then aged six and shown in the picture below, with grand-dad Peter (left) and father Seth (right) on the summit of Meall nan Tarmachan in August 2008. 

Return to Munros Article

In 1994, Peter wrote an article for the Independent about Jonathan Pratt, a British mountaineer whose ascent of K2, the world's second highest mountain, caused controversy.   Some members of the mountaineering world voiced doubts as to whether he had actually reached the summit, and Peter reported on Pratt's ascent and the subsequent dispute.

 Jonathan Pratt Article

1998, Peter wrote an article for the Mail on Sunday about the death of the Russian climber Anatoli Boukreev.

  Anatoli Boukreev Article

In 2003,  the 50th anniversary of the British first ascent of Everest, Peter described how Swiss climbers almost got to the summit first. His article appeared in the Sunday Times Magazine.  Link to text here:

The Swiss on Everest 

Peter told another mountaineering story in 2003, this time about Joe Simpson and Simon Yates, protagonists in the astonishing mountaineering tale Touching the Void.

                                                                  Joe Simpson

 Simpson and Yates 

In 2004, Peter wrote an article for the Sunday Times Magazine about a long-running mountaineering controversy featuring Reinhold Messner, "the supreme climber of our times".


 Reinhold Messner Article

In 2006, we unravelled a mountaineering mystery, concerning the poignant death of the Everest climber David Sharp. 


David Sharp article

Here are links to two more mountaineering articles Peter wrote for the Independent newspaper in the 1990s:

Jane Thomas Article

181 To Go Article