Our articles also appear in the Mail on Sunday.  They have covered subjects from the tragic death of the singer Kirsty MacColl to the secret Scottish childhood of the child murderer Ian Brady.



 We wrote a series of articles about the death of the singer Kirsty MacColl, who was killed by a speedboat while scuba diving with her two sons in the Mexican resort of Cozumel. Our article,  published on 15 December 2002, provided the first detailed account of the accident and the controversy surrounding it.

MacColl Investigation  - Apologies, the links to these articles are broken.  We are working to restore them.

We wrote several further reports and then travelled to Mexico with Kirsty's mother, Jean MacColl, in a bid to get at the truth. 

MacColl Mexico 


In May 2005, we published an article about the early life of the Moors Murderer Ian Brady.  There had been much speculation and many misconceptions about Brady's upbringing by foster parents in Glasgow, and whether this could account for the hideous crimes he committed with Myra Hindley.  Our article established the truth.


Ian Brady- Early Days