Our articles have appeared in the Sunday Times Magazine since the 1960s.  A selection is listed below, with links indicated.   Sadly, some of the links have been rendered inoperative by the Murdoch paywall.  We are working to provide our own links which we hope to have running as soon as possible. 


TRUMAN CAPOTE: In 1992, we wrote an article about Capote which contained revelatory insights about this acclaimed figure of 20th century literature.  There is a link to the text of our article below the opening spread, together with a link to a report which makes clear the importance of our revelations.

Truman Capote Article

For the references to our work, see paragraph 13 in the report on this link:

Truman Capote Blog

TWISTED SISTERS:  In 1999, we investigated the abuse of children in homes run by the Sisters of Mercy in Ireland.  It proved a shocking story, exposing both the extraordinary cruelty of the nuns and the complicity of the Catholic church and the Irish state.

Twisted Sisters

DEATH AND SEX IN THE SOUTH PACIFIC: In 2001, we travelled to California and the South Pacific to write about the extraordinary life and death of Larry Hillblom, co-founder of DHL.


 Larry Hillblom

BRIAN JONES:  In 2005, we revealed the truth about the death of Brian Jones of the Rolling Stones - our picture (below) shows the pool at Cotchford where he drowned.


Brian Jones Article


DEATH ROW USA: Also in 2005, we wrote about the case of Howard Neal, a prisoner whom we visited on death row in Parchman jail, Mississippi


The Execution Exam


                                                             Neal was then awaiting execution at Parchman.   For the latest developments in his case, click on the sub-menu "Howard Neal" to the left of this page.


 Here is a link to our story about Harry Horse:

http://www.peterleni.com/Harry Horse article.pdf